Visiting IBB Odain region November 2020

I was invited by the Shiekh of Aljaasheen Abdulmalik Mansor son in the Odain region to check out the coffee farming culture there It was a great visit staying in Daar Alzhore (flowers house) one of the Shiekh houses in the mountains overlook the farming terraces. Most of coffee trees there are Odaini variety some of the coffee trees are almost 100 years old yielding few 100s gram of coffee, this variety need shading from the sun, but unfortunately some farms have become shaded more than 70%, from the sun.
Also, farmers do not pay much attention to partial or total pruning of their coffee trees no one cares of plowing and uprooting weeds . We can say that these coffee are closer to wild coffee.

This unique agricultural region and the noble coffee variety that they have must rehabilitate the area and the farms in it, and the farmer needs a lot of reviewing the ancestral traditions that they inherited in the cultivation of coffee.

The local market near them is the city of Alodain, and according to the knowledge of the farmers, the local merchants there do not care about quality of coffee they care only about weight of the coffee, which made the local farmrs not careing about quality in recent decades, and the quality level of coffee has decreased despite all the agricultural qualifications that they have from a platoon of authentic coffee to fertile land and availability of water permanently.

This is some photos of the trip